Meat Cuisine × French Cuisine

Under the concept of "Meat Cuisine × French Cuisine," chefs who have walked the stage of French cuisine will express various types of meat with French cuisine
Please enjoy the dishes spun with seasonal ingredients to your heart's content

We want to deliver "umami", the finest richness of taste, by applying the best cooking methods to various meats, going beyond the boundaries of Japanese and Western cooking

Always challenge to provide the finest taste.
Always remain free to create innovative dishes.
Always provide "umami" that appeals to all five senses, backed by our skills and experience.
At the ever-innovating "Niku Kappou Inoshin," you will experience "umami" not only with your taste buds but also with your whole body
by savoring a course featuring seasonal ingredients and some of the world's best sake.

The thoughts put into "Niku Kappou Inoshin"

By combining "inosinic acid," the main umami ingredient for meat, and the word
"innovative," we put the thoughts we wish to deliver to you.
The logo is a deformed version of the chemical structure of inosinic acid.
A universal chemical structure = borderless and free,
chemistry = innovative chemical reactions,
and the "umami" beyond that tugs the heartstrings are expressed by the various kinds of meat.

Niku Kappou Inoshin Chef
Shingo Nagaoka
Born in Gunma Prefecture in 1987.

Jumped into the food and beverage industry at the age of 20 and established his foundation at hotels, French restaurants, and bistros in Tokyo, before going to France on his own in 2016.
After studying in France for a year, he returned to Japan.
He then worked at a starred restaurant in Tokyo, where he honed his skills and extensive knowledge.
While making the most of his experience, he moves to a phase of "challenge" and "innovation" as a chef, aiming for a higher level.
He established "Niku Kappou Inoshin" and pioneers the front line of the industry.

We have12 counter seats in total

We want you to experience the realism of
cooking the food. We will entertain you at the counter seats that are close to the chef.
The counter has a total length of about 12 m,
and the space between seats are wide. We take care of the atmosphere inside the restraurant to make you feel at home.
In addition, a charcoal grill is set up in the center of the counter. You can also enjoy the process of cooking meat.

2 private rooms (6 seats each)

There is one completely private room with a restroom that you can enter with your PIN.
We have another ordinary private room, which can be used according to your preferences
Also, even in a private room,
the tableperformance is right in front of you. Please spend a wonderfull time and enjoy with your five senses.


1-10-7 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo T.I.B Ebisu 6th floor


17:00 - 23:00 (Last entry time - 20:30)

Regular holiday

Closed on Sundays and Mondays

*We are a restaurant by reservation only.