The course menu offers a variety of dishes that are not bound by culinary genres,
and the chef's high level of skill meets the season's ingredients.

Dinner A

¥11,000(tax included)

A wide variety of meats provided with refined techniques and seasonal ingredients.

Dinner B

¥14,000(tax included)

Experience the pairing of sake with the cuisine carefully selected by the sommelier and chef.

*Please consult us if you have any food dislikes or allergies.
*We only serve the Chef's choice course. Reservations are limited to guests who can enjoy the course.
*Cancellation of reservations will be subject to the following cancellation fees. Please understand that the following cancellation fees will apply.
The day before the reserved date: ・・・・ 50% of the course fee
On the day of the reservation: ・・・・・・ 100% of the course fee